Singing for Sino-Mauritian Friendship

1. Theme

Singing for Sino-Mauritian Friendship  Singing Contest in Mandarin

2. Organizers

Hosting institution: The Chinese Embassy in Mauritius

Organizing institutions: 

The China Cultural Center in Mauritius

The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation

Co-organizing institutions: 

Le Conservatoire de Musique François-Mitterrand

Opera Mauritius

Mahatma Gandhi Institute

China Cultural Promotion Ltd.

United Chinese Association

Confucius Institute at the University of Mauritius

Chinese Enterprises Association


3. Time of Competition

End of registration: 14th June, at 17:00hrs

Preliminary contest: 29th June

Final: 20th July


4. Competition Format

(1)  Categories

Category A: Junior, 4-14 years old

Category B: Adult, 14+ years old


(2)  Schedule

(i) Application

Email for the registration:

Telephone number for information: 59449005/2083621

Applicants should submit their registration form and a 1 minute video recording of their performance for the preliminary selection ( there is no restriction on type of language and the video can be recorded with a mobile phone).


The form can be downloaded from the and the Facebook page of the China Cultural Center(le Centre culturel chinois à Maurice) and China cultural promotion Ltd. The applicants can also collect the form from the China Cultural Center, Heen Foh, Nam Shun, Hua Line Club, le Conservatoire de Musique François Mitterrand and the MGI during work hours.


Deadline for registration will be 14th June 2019 at 17:00hrs. Applicants who need assistance for recording their videos and filling the registration form can get help at Heen Foh on 8th and 9th June from 10:00hrs to16:00hrs (reservation by phone or email)  


Mandarin pronunciation courses will be held to help the contestants selected by the jury for the preliminary contest.


A recommendation list of Chinese songs and the accompaniments will be provided to help the contestants who never heard Chinese song. The contestants could download the list and the accompaniments by login the email account:


Password- karaok2019 


(ii) Preliminary contest

The Preliminary contest will be held on 29th June at the China Cultural Center in Mauritius.The contestants shall be selected from the registered candidates based on the performance of their submitted video .The contestants shall be judged on their vocal skills; each contestant shall sing a 2-minutes snippet of a song.


10 junior contestants and 10 adult contestants shall be selected to participate in the final competition.


(iii) The final competition

The final will be held on 20th July at the Caudan Arts Center. The contest shall be based on the combination of singing skills and testing of general knowledge about Chinese culture. Each person shall sing a Chinese song (4-5 minutes) and shall reply to 2 questions on Chinese culture (which shall be selected from a prepared question bank of 50-60 questions).



(3)  Jury and rules

(i) Judging panel: 5-6 Mauritians professionals and 1 Chinese tenor

(ii) Scoring Rules: the contestants should sing in Mandarin. In total 100 points (90 points for the singing skill and 10 points for the language pronunciation, the language pronunciation points will be graded by the Chinese tenor)

(iii) Each question on Chinese culture will be worth 2 points, in total 4 points for 2 questions.


5. Technical Guidance

(1) Vocal Coaching:

After the preliminary competition in June, an intensive vocal class will be organized for the selected contestants for the finals and they shall be coached by a famous Chinese tenor.


(2) Language Coaching:

Mandarin pronunciation courses shall be offered to the contestants of the preliminary and the final competitions.



6. Prizes

(1) Adult Category:

1st Prize (1 winner) : 1 round trip air ticket Mauritius-China + training courses at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music

2nd Prize (2 winners) : Huawei Matebook 13 (or equivalent)

3rd Prize (3 winners) : Huawei P30 (or equivalent)

Outstanding Awards (4 winners) : Huawei Watch 2 Pro (or equivalent)

(2) Junior Category:

1st Prize (1 winner) : 1 round trip air ticket Mauritius-China + 2 entrance tickets to Disneyland Shanghai

2nd Prize(2 winners) : Huawei Magicbook (or equivalent)

3rd Prize (3 winners) : Huawei P20 (or equivalent)

Outstanding Awards (4 winners) : Huawei Watch GT (or equivalent)


7. The China Cultural Center and the Mauritius Broadcast Corporation reserve all the rights to interpret and amend the rules of the competition.

Download your registration form here: