About Chinese Cultural Center Mauritius

China Cultural Center (CCC) in Mauritius was open to the public on July 11, 1988. It was China’s first overseas cultural center.

After renovation, with more infrastructures, a brand-new CCC was open to the public on July 20, 2008.  The Multi-function Hall, Library, Reading room, Exhibition Hall, Dance Training Room, Wushu Training Room, Chinese Language Classrooms, Language Laboratories, Music classroom, Painting Classrooms, Cooking Classroom, Video room and Tennis Court are included

Information Service: A wide range of information about Chinese culture, sightseeing, tourism, business, study, as well as consulting services are provided. Lectures of “Discover China” are held regularly.

Teaching and training: Offering Chinese language classes, dance classes, martial arts (Wushu) classes, taught by senior teachers from China.

Our brands: Dance teams, martial arts and Tai Chi demonstration teams have become well-known in Mauritius. When celebration activities of Chinese New Year and other major local festivals are held, they are always invited for performances. Chinese Drama Team of CCC is usually one of the best during the National Drama Festival competition held by the Ministry of Arts and Culture of Mauritius. There are also “Chinese New Year Celebration”, “Chinese Song Contest in Mauritius,” “World Music Day Celebration”, “Happy Chinese Language”, “Chinese Film Tour - Outstanding Film Appreciation”, and other activities in Brand held by CCC.